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Universidad de Zagreb

Founded in 1669, the University of Zagreb (Sveucilište u Zagrebu) is the oldest and biggest university in South-Eastern Europe. With 29 Faculties, 3 Art Academies and the University Centre for Croatian Studies, it is the flagship educational institution in the country, a place where more than 7,900 teachers and 72,480 students develop knowledge and acquire skills.

The mission of the University is based on scientific and artistic research and aims at sustainable development, artistic creativity and professional work, as well as organization and performance

of university studies and, exceptionally, occupational studies. To achieve it, the University offers education and research in all scientific fields (arts, biomedicine, biotechnology, engineering, humanities, natural sciences and social sciences) and a broad spectrum of courses at all study levels, from undergraduate to postgraduate.

In order to keep improving and growing, University of Zagreb is building a new Campus, “Borongaj”, which will be used by more than 20,000 students, as well as hosting a sports centre, student residence hall and several institutes.

Considering the importance of a tolerant and democratic international environment for students' successful learning, scientific and artistic research as well as their personal development, the University is glad to offer a warm welcome to an increasing number of international students into its academic community.

This agreement is intended for the Education/ Psychology Faculty (students and staff).